Curtis TLP12A

Ultra Compact, Low Profile Airpot Brewing Systems.

Curtis sets a new standard for compact airpot coffee brewing systems with our TLP series. This enhanced design system combines renowned Curtis brewing expertise with the latest in digital technology. This design offers precision digital performance, greater reliability and extended working life. The Advanced Flow Sprayhead (AFS) provides total control over brewing time, turbulence, temperature and volume – the critical aspects of brewing quality gourmet coffee.

Compact Design That Won’t Crowd a Counter.
The TLP coffee brewing system is universally designed and beautifully styled. It offers big performance yet takes up little space. It easily fits anywhere from kitchen counter to conference room. The generous brew cone clearance accommodates standard 2.5L airpots and gravity airpots alike.

Features That Keep Coffee Flowing.
The TLP is equipped with a drive pump water delivery system. The magnetic drive pump consistently delivers hot water to the AFS Sprayhead for optimized water flow and perfect extraction. Learn more

Curtis TLP12A – $ 000

Curtis TLP12A
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