Curtis D60GT52

“Gourmet” flavor is easy with G3 technology and a ThermoPro™ decanter solution. You’ll think it’s magic…but it’s just smart brewing.

Brewing and serving great tasting, “gourmet” style coffee is no longer “hocus pocus”. Curtis’ G3 brewing systems make this complex process simple with easy-to-program features including… digital temperature and brew-by-volume control, pre-infusion and pulse technology, preventive maintenance alerts, cold water brew lock-out, and much more.

Add a ThermoPro decanter, and perfectly brewed temperature and gourmet taste is maintained without additional heat. Its direct pour design and brewthrough top makes the the D60 ultra convenient. While its contemporary looks are perfect for the conference rooms, office coffee locations or other applications.

From traditional to gourmet roasts, the Curtis G3 System continually provides you great coffee flavor and increased profits every brew. Learn more

Curtis D60GT52 – $ 000

Curtis D60GT52
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